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Procap Welding Respirator

Allpipe sell the Procap welding respirator which offers comprehensive personal protection for heavy industry and welding, used in conjunction with the Prflow SC and Autoflow ... (read more)

Welding Mask Respirator

The Scott WS-PF powered air welding mask respirator is ideal for use with the Proflow & Autoflow respirators that we supply and includes both UV ... (read more)

Pro2 Welding Respirator

We supply the Scott Pro2 respirator with welding attachments that include flip-up welding visor, speech diaphragm spark guard, exhaust valve spark guard & twin bayonet ... (read more)

Promask Welding Respirator

We supply the Scott Promask Black respirator with flip-up welding visor & spark guards for using unpowered or with side-fit hose for connecting to a ... (read more)
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