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Radiodetection RD312 Lost Cover Locator

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The Radiodetection RD312 Metal Cover Locator can be used to find manhole covers, valve box covers, vault covers and reinforced rods in concrete (rebar) beneath a variety of surfaces including roads, gravel, grass and snow.

The RD312 is simple to operate, reducing time wasted trying to locate buried covers. The locator automatically adjusts its sensitivity to suit the surrounding environment, allowing it to be used near metal fences and under parked cars with no loss of accuracy.

The unit has a telescopic design to allow for adjustment based on the users height, and an adjustable angled head for tight spots. The search head is waterproof, allowing the unit to be used in shallow water, and has been calibrated to ignore small objects such as coins and cans.

The RD312 Lost Cover Locator comes with a carry bag and can be purchased with optional headphones if required.


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