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PVC Air Bag Bungs

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Allpipe sell from stock PVC air bag bungs which are ideal for use when light maintenance is required on a pipeline. PVC air bag pipe stoppers are durable and manufactured with peripheral ribs. Fitted with a schrader valve these bungs can be inflated with a bike or foot pump, available to purchase using the drop-down menus.

Pressure Ratings:
PVC Air Bag bungs have a MAXIMUM internal inflation pressure of 1 bar, the MAXIMUM back pressure these bungs can hold back is 0.5 bar (7 Psi).

The bung should be inflated slowly in the pipe ensuring the pipe wall is clean & free of debris to prevent damage to the product.

In addition to the sizes currently in stock, the following PVC air bag bung sizes are also available as a Special Order, and can usually be delivered within 3 to 4 working days:

  • 1"/25mm
  • 1.5"/40mm
  • 2"/50mm
  • 3"/75mm
Pipe Size Internal Nominal Diameter Will Fit Pipes With Internal Diameter Minimum Insertion into Pipe Overall Length Contact Length
Metric Imperial Minimum Maximum
25mm 1" 22mm 30mm 100mm
40mm 1.5" 30mm 45mm 100mm
50mm 2" 45mm 69mm 100mm
75mm 3" 70mm 95mm 80mm
100mm 4" 90mm 145mm 80mm
150mm 6" 140mm 175mm 100mm
200-300mm 8-12" 200mm 300mm 200mm

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