Powered Respiratory Equipment

Allpipe sell high quality powered air respirator units for use in a wide range of applications which include Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Agricultural sectors.

All powered air units that Allpipe sell come with blower, belt, battery & charger. Choose your filters separately from our Respirator Filter section.

The Scott Proflow SC Powered Air Respirator 
This is a top of the range deluxe unit with a microprocessor that automatically adjusts the air supply and an audible alarm if the flow rate drops beneath the minimum 120 litres per minute. The Proflow also incorporates a digital display and data logging. 

The Scott Autoflow Powered Air Respirator 
This is a high performance but very competitively priced powered air unit which offers both 65 litre & 120 litre p/min flow rates with around 8 hours usage from a single charge.

Powered Air Respirators

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  2. MSA Turbo-flo Fresh Air Respirator
  3. Gas Detectors
  4. Negative Pressure Respirators
  5. Class I & Class II Full Breathing Apparatus
  6. Powered Respiratory Equipment
  7. Industrial Chemical & Gas Tight Suits
  8. 10 & 15 Minute Escape Sets
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