Crewsaver Life Jackets

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Buy online a full range of lifejackets for Commercial, Inland Waterway, Offshore & Extreme Environment use.

The heavy duty SOLAS Seacrewsader lifejacket designed for extreme environments and Offshore use can be supplied with an array of different options such as:

Seacrewsader lifejacket with or without harness
Seacrewsader lifejacket with harness / no hood
Seacrewsader lifejacket with harness + hood
Seacrewsader lifejacket with fall arrest harness / no hood
Seacrewsader lifejacket with fall arrest harness + hood 
Fire resistant life jacket covers are available for all Seacrewsader options 

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Hire Lifejackets

Allpipe hire Crewsaver lifejackets at £28.50 each +VAT per week suitable for Offshore, Inland Waterway and Industrial use. Please contact us for long term and bulk hires.


Allpipe can collect, arrange the servicing, and return your lifejackets. 

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