Powered Air Visors & Respirators

Powered Air Visors & Respirators

Product Description

Allpipe stock safety visors for use with the Autoflow & Proflow powered air units that we supply.

We also stock tear-off visors for this product.

Approvals & Ratings:
Automask is approved to class TH2 to EN 12941.
Automask-Litehood is CE-Certified TH3 to EN 12941

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Technical spec.

EN12941 & TH1, 2 & 3 definitions
Powered Filtering Devices Incorporating Hoods or Helmets

Standard EN12941 defines 3 classes of performance (TH1,TH2 & TH3). The classes define the level of performance (inward leakage) of the system. Inward leakage for classification TH1 is a maximum of 10%, for TH2 a maximum of 2% and for TH3 a maximum of 0.2%.

Automask is approved to class TH2 to EN12941
Automask-Litehood is CE-Certified TH3 to EN 12941

Further Information

Use the drop-down menu above for pricing, options & online purchase - a visor can be bought on its own or with either Proflow or Autoflow complete powered air units. 

The Automask is a lightweight, user-friendly, multi-purpose face shield. The hollow polyethylene frame channels the airflow to the breathing zone. The replaceable and washable polyether foam seal makes it easy to keep clean.

The Automask Litehood has the addition of a PVC-hood which provides full head and neck covering and further increases the level of respiratory protection to TH3.

For an explanation of EN12941 & TH2 & TH3 click the Technical Spec tab.

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