Half Mask Respirators

Half Mask Respirators

Product Description

A single filter half mask respirator with an EN148-1 40mm thread filter fitting which allows it to be used in conjunction with the PRO2000 filters which we supply.

Ideal respiratory protection against particles, dust, paints and vapours when used with the correct filter. 

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Technical spec.

Single Filter Half Mask Respirator:

Single filter (40 mm thread)
LSR silicone facepiece
Broad, easy-fit face seal
Fast don harness
Available in two sizes
CE Approval: EN140

Further Information

The Scott Profile 40 is a half mask respirator and has a durable LSR silicone facepiece and a quick fit head harness for quick and easy donning

A broad face-seal makes the half mask respirator easy to achieve a close and comfortable fit; the chin and nose-bridge bellow ensure the mask is efficiently sealed during use.

This reusable half mask can be bought online:

  • On it's own so you can bulk purchase filters seperately.
  • Reusable Half mask with a single PF10 P3 Particle filter (suitable for use with asbestos).
  • Reusable Half mask with a single GF22 A2 filter for Gas & Vapours from organic compounds (i.e solvents) with a boiling point above 65 degrees C.
  • Reusable Half mask with a single CF22 A2-P3 filter for Particles AND Gas & Vapours from organic compounds (i.e solvents) with a boiling point above 65 degrees C.

Note If Buying Respirator Filters Separately: Filters must weigh under 300 grams for use with this half mask respirator – download our Filter Guide for details on the weights and types available. 

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