MSA Turbo-flo Fresh Air Respirator

MSA Turbo-flo Fresh Air Respirator

Product Description

The MSA Turbo-flo fresh-air breathing apparatus respirator is approved to EN138. This respirator can be used unassisted with either 9 metre or 18 metre hose lengths enabling the user to draw fresh air into the full face mask solely by the power of their lungs meaning a limitless supply of air.

Alternatively the MSA breathing apparatus can be used with the Turbo-flo blower which can pump air through up to 54 metres of hose.

Pricing on Request

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Further Information

The MSA Turboflo has now been discontinued - please visit our sister website for the Centurion Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus instead:

<<Centurion Fresh Air Breathing Apparatus >>

  • Ideal for confined spaces such as tank cleaning
  • Gas Board contractor approved
  • Limitless supply of clean breathing air when used properly 
  • Robust design
  • Simple operation & Reliable construction
  • Easy to carry & Little maintenance
  • Blower assisted breathing or completely unassisted
  • Greatest freedom of movement through positioning of breathing hoses over shoulders
  • Can be easily stored between work shifts
  • Turbo-flo Blower available in 240v or 110v options
  • Turbo-flo Blower can service 1 user or 2 users simultaneously
  • Basic filter fitted to prevent foreign objects entering breathing hose
  • Tear-off visor covers available from stock

    For breathing air hose lengths over the 27 metres available to buy online please contact us for a quotation

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