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Manhole Ring Lifting Pins (Pack of 3)

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Manhole Chamber Lifting Pins are sold in packs of 3

Please enter the total number of packs you require in the Quantity field when purchasing.

Allpipe Manhole Ring Lifting Pins are supplied as a pack of 3 keys for professional site use - each pin is tested and certified.

Lifting Pin Size (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Safe Working Load per Pin (kg)
25 120 750
32 150 1000
35 170 1500
38 200 2000

Warning: Shock loads can be more than twice the static load. Exceeding the Safe Working Load could result in failure of the lifting pin. Lifting pins have been proof loaded and are approved for use with sling angles between 0 and 60 degrees.

The safe way of lifting precast concrete manhole chamber ring sections is facilitated by the use of these pins which are widely used in the groundwork sector . Easy to use, with a quick release action, they have no threads or nuts to protect and safeguard, and help speed up lifting operations, whilst maintaining safety standards.

Packs of 3 lifting pins are available in a number of sizes from stock - 25mm and 32mm are kept on shelf, and we can quickly order 35mm and 38mm versions. Non-standard sizes, or individual lifting pins are available on request.

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