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Heavy Duty Manhole Cover Lifter

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Heavy duty manhole cover lifter, with a safe working load of 3 tonnes.

The strong vertical lift allows a single person to remove seized heavy duty manhole covers, and includes 4x Medium and 4x Large T-keys as standard.

This heavy duty manhole cover lifter is equipped with standard plastic wheels, or can be upgraded to incorporate heavy duty solid tyres if selected.

All manhole cover lifting devices are engineered and manufactured in the UK. Each manhole lifter is serial numbered and supplied with full certification. Independent certifications can be arranged if required.

  • Includes 2 hydraulic jacks
  • Supplied with 8 T-keys to BS4360: 4x Medium and 4x Large
  • Equipped with either standard wheels or heavy-duty tyres
  • Supplied with Certificate of Conformity & operation manual


  • Lifter Width: 1560mm
  • Lifter weight: 100kg
  • Key Centres: 240-1200mm
  • Max Cover Width: 1250mm
  • Safe Working Load: 3000kg


Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

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