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Crowcon Tetra 4 Gas Detector

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All units include a 3 year warranty

The Crowcon Tetra 4 gas detector units are used to ensure that the air in a confined space is safe to work in before entry is made into the area, observing the first rule of confined spaces working, avoid entry where possible".

As standard the Crowcon Tetra will be equipped to detect H2S, CO, 02 & LEL (flammable gases) as standard; non standard gas sensors can be installed at time of order.

Once the air is deemed safe from above ground, the gas monitor should be carried with the entrant and kept switched on at all times. The detectors have a clip and strap to ensure they are easily carried.

Units are equipped with 4-gas detectors - H2S, CO, 02 and LEL.

Units can be optionally purchased with a sensor cover, which provides additional protection in dusty environments, protecting the sensors from contamination.

Once a unit has been purchased, Allpipe will ensure that the re-calibration of the unit is never overlooked by sending reminders and arranging collection and calibration of the unit by our professional service team.

with a Tripod & Fall Arrest Winch with a Tripod & Man Riding Winch as an Individual Unit

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