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CATscan V Cable Avoidance Tool - Basic Visual Display

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The CATscan V Cable Avoidance Tool is the next level up from the CATscan S, offering the user additional visual confirmation of the readings through a display panel. The LED display panel has been designed to give clear readings whilst minimising battery consumption.

The CATscan V Cable Avoidance Tool is available to purchase on its own, or with a CATscan 33kHz signal transmitter (Genny) and optional carry bag.

User Guide CATscan V
Technical Specification
Technical Specification
CATscan V 33kHz Signal Transmitter (Genny)
33kHz Cable Avoidance Tool
Signal Strength
Battery Percentage
Mode Selector (Power, Radio, Generator)
Fine Tune Control
LED Visual Display Panel
Earth stake
Direct Connection Leads
Live Plug Connector (optional accessory)
Signal Clamp (optional accessory)
CATscan S CATscan V CATscan D
Power Signal Location (P)
Radio Signal Location (R)
Genny Signal Location (G)
Visual Display
Battery Percentage
Depth Reading
Cal Due Indicator
Cal Stop
Time Display

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