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9mm Traceable Rodding System

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9mm diameter traceable rodding system, which can function as both a standard fibreglass rod or as a traceable rod for pipe tracing. The 9mm diameter model is available in lengths from 30m to 150m, mounted on a steel MEDI frame with wheels.

This high-quality traceable rodding system provides two rodding solutions in one product;

  • Standard fibreglass rod for cable/draw rope installation
  • Traceable copper wire rod to identify pipes or locate blockages when energised by a signal transmitter

When used as a traceable rod, the internal copper wire is energised by a signal transmitter (sold separately), the frequency of which can then be identified along the entire length of the reel above ground using a locator.

The traceable rodding system is suitable for use with most Cable Avoidance Tools and Signal Generators, and removes the need to carry two separate reels to sites.

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