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975mm / 39 Inch Sarco Flameshield Inflatable Air Bag

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Please note, the image shown is not indicative of the fully inflated size of this air bag. Please use the size chart below for more information.

975mm/39” Sarco Flameshield inflatable air bag, with an expansion range from 975-990mm. This air bag can be inflated to a maximum pressure of 2.5 psi.

Please note: Flameshield air bags are not suitable for pressure retaining purposes, and are designed for use as a barrier to protect the main pipe stopper installed further along the pipe.

Flameshield air bags can be purchased with a 2m or 5m steel braided inflation hose, with firesleeve cover, for a completely fire-retardant set-up. We can manufacture different lengths on request – please contact us if you have specific inflation hose requirements.

Sarco Flameshield inflatable air bags are a heavy-duty stopper, fitted with a spark retardant PROBAN® cotton outer cover and nylon/Kevlar joints. Flameshield bags are designed for use as a secondary blanking stopper, providing spark and flame protection to the main pipe stopper (for example, when welding within a pipe, a Flameshield bag can be used to protect the pipe stopper from gases and sparks in the hot work area).

Inflated Diameter 975mm / 39 Inch
Pipe Sealing Range 975-990mm
Max Inflation Pressure 2.5 psi
Max Back Pressure N/A


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