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350-450mm / 14-18 Inch PVC Inflatable Sealing Bag

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350-450mm/14-18” PVC inflatable sealing bag, with a contact length of 300mm. This bag comes with a 1.2m inflation hose, and can be purchased with an optional hand inflation pump.

PVC sealing bags can be used in a wide variety of pipe sealing situations, and can be used in a standard air pipe test of 100mm water over air. Inflatable sealing bags are suited for use in areas where access is smaller than the pipe diameter, and are easily inflated using a standard Schrader valve hand pump to create an air-tight seal.

Inflated Diameter 350-450mm / 14-18 Inches
Range 350-450mm
Contact Length 300mm
Max Back Pressure 2 psi

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