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100-200mm / 4-8 Inch Bypass Inflatable Pipe Stopper

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Due to the complex design of bypass inflatable pipe stoppers, this product is not currently available to purchase online.

Please contact us on 01603 489260 with your requirements, and we will be pleased to provide you with a quote.

Bypass inflatable pipe stopper, with an expansion range of 100-200mm/4-8”, available with a male Bauer connection from 50-200mm/2-8”. This inflatable pipe stopper requires 1.5 bar inflation pressure, and is suitable for pipes with a maximum back pressure of 0.5 bar (5m head of water).

Bypass inflatable pipe stoppers can be used to divert a water flow when stopping the flow is not practical, providing a cost effective alternative to over pumping. These pipe stoppers are manufactured from reinforced rubber, and are available with a protective outer rubber sleeve if required.

Bypass stoppers can be fitted with a male Bauer connection, which can be attached to a hose, diverting the water from the area of work. The Bauer connection is available in 4 sizes;

  • 50mm/2”
  • 100mm/4”
  • 150mm/6”
  • 200mm/8”
Inflation Range 100-200mm / 4-8 Inches
Inflation Pressure 1.5 bar
Max Back Pressure 0.5 bar

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